Building Connections in Child Welfare


Building Connections in Child Welfare aims to increase communication and collaboration between Nevada’s Public Child Welfare Agencies and community stakeholders.


Building Connections is an initiative established in 2011 for the purpose of increasing communication and collaboration between Nevada’s public child welfare agencies and the community. For a full background report, please click here.

Stakeholder Opinion

Stakeholder Opinion is designed to engage all stakeholders of the child welfare system by allowing stakeholders to anonymously submit feedback regarding their experiences with the child welfare system to an independent third-party agency, the Children’s Advocacy Alliance. Stakeholders include anyone involved with the child welfare system such as social workers, educators, medical personnel, lawyers, biological parents, foster parents, and youth. Individuals who have experienced the system (whether as service providers or recipients), have first-hand knowledge of the system and how it can be improved. This information is vital to accurately inform policy and procedural changes so Nevada can continually progress towards a model of quality assurance. Click here for more information on Stakeholder Opinion.

Click here to submit your feedback on ways to improve Nevada’s Child Welfare System!

Nevada Coalition Resource List

Nevada Coalition Resource List is a list of groups (i.e. Coalition, Consortium, Partnership, Workgroup, Initiative, etc.) whose purpose is centered on improving the outcomes for children and families in Nevada. The Resource List contains information on the groups including: mission, members, meeting dates, accomplishments, and goals. The Resource List was created to identify existing groups and highlight their accomplishments for the purpose of coordinating efforts and increasing collaboration within the community.

The Children’s Advocacy Alliance is currently accepting submissions for the Nevada Coalition Resource List. If you would like your group highlighted on this list, please click the link below. Once the first round of submissions is complete, the Resource List will be available for public access on April 14, 2014.

Click here to submit your group’s information!

Please have the following information ready for submission:

  • What is the name of the group you are listing?
  • Who is the contact person for the group? (Provide email address and phone number)
  • What year was the group established?
  • Who is allowed to attend group meetings? Are the meetings open to the public?
  • What is the purpose/mission of the group?
  • Does your group have an executive committee, board, or elected offices? If yes, please list the names and titles of these individuals.
  • When does the group meet? (Ex: Every third Thursday of each month)
  • Where does the group meet? Please include the city or town where the group meetings are held, and indicate if the meetings are teleconferenced.
  • What has the group accomplished thus far? (If the group is newly established and has not accomplished any goals thus far, please indicate “newly established.”)
  • What are the goals of the group?
  • Does the group have a website, Twitter, Facebook, or any other type of social media? If yes, please include the links.