NAC 432A Pledge

Pledge of Support for Proposed Changes to NAC 432A

We, the undersigned, support the proposed changes to NAC 432A to help create healthier child care facilities and combat obesity in Nevada.

As early as Kindergarten, 30% of students are either overweight or obese. This means combating the issue needs to start early. With current NAC 432A standards, child care facilities are permitted to serve unhealthy food items and not required to promote healthy physical activities.  This not only adds to health concerns of children, but increases medical costs for the state.

On a national level, Nevada is ranked 44th for implementation of recommended practices to decrease obesity in youth. The state’s statues for child care facilities on food and health only meet 3 out of 47 of the recommended practices.

Proposed Changes Include:

  • • Improving practices for feeding infants (ie: feeding on cue, holding the bottle instead of propping the bottle);
  • • Establishing standards and guidelines for age-appropriate portion sizes, with specific limits and standards for milk, milk products, and juice that is served by a licensed facility;
  • • Requiring licensed facilities that provide meals and/or snacks to follow meal patterns issued by the Child and Adult Care Food Program;
  • • Adults modeling healthy eating habits during meal time with the children;
  • • Including definitions for words and terms related to physical and sedentary activity (ie: moderate and vigorous physical activity, muscular and bone strengthening activities);
  • • Limiting sedentary activity and screen/media time for all children;
  • • Establishing standards and guidelines for age-appropriate physical activities


 I request that the Board of Health adapt the proposed changes to the NAC 432A to increase health standards for Nevada’s child care facilities.