Children’s Health

Pledge of Support for Proposed Changes to NAC 432A

Ensuring good health for our children

The Children’s Advocacy Alliance is committed to ensuring that every child in Nevada has the opportunity to grow up healthy, from the prenatal period all the way through their teen years.  Nevada currently ranks last in the nation when it comes to providing health coverage for children.  Over 16% of Nevada’s children have no health coverage, which is more than double the national rate of 7.5%.

To be healthy, children and families need:

1)    On-time, recommended childhood immunizations
2)    Access to food that supports good nutrition, including an adequate supply of fruits and vegetables.
3)    Communities that provide a safe place to run and play, offering ample opportunities for physical activity.
4)    High quality, and on-time, prenatal care.


To ensure that children in Nevada grow up healthy and well, the Children’s Advocacy Alliance will work toward:

– Supporting expansion of the Nevada Medicaid program under the Affordable Healthcare Act.

– Supporting programs which will ensure that all children in Nevada have access to on-time, recommended childhood immunizations.

– Reducing administrative and technical burdens which delay access to the Medicaid program, particularly for medically fragile children and pregnant women.

– Ensuring that schools offer only healthy, nutritious food choices and that children are provided with ample opportunity to participate in physical activity.


Download the Children’s Health Issue Brief PDF document.