Who We Are

The Children’s Advocacy Alliance (CAA) is a community-based nonprofit organization that mobilizes people, resources and reason to ensure every child has a chance to thrive and to make Nevada a better place to live and raise a family.

CAA advocates for the well-being of Nevada’s Children.  We bring people together to build consensus around priorities and to leverage our collective strength toward real changes in policy and practice.  Our organization collects, analyzes and shares research and information with people who make decisions impacting Nevada’s children and families.  We believe in building public will through education, outreach, and advocacy to solve expansive and chronic problems facing kids and families.

Our Belief
CAA believes that by providing the right services at the right time, vulnerable families can be supported, child abuse and neglect can be prevented, and the effects of trauma and harm can be reduced.

CAA advocates for a paradigm shift in public perception: from “save the child” to “save the family”. This approach emphasizes the critical need to provide help and services at the beginning of the cycle through preventive steps and measures, rather than at the end of the cycle, most often associated with children entering the foster care system.

Our Mission
Serve as a concentric convener, public education and outreach arm, data driver and policy advocate in order to create a strong system for the wellbeing of children in Nevada.

Concentric Convener:  CAA will engage organizations, agencies, families and stakeholders to address issues, barriers, challenges and opportunities regarding support for children’s wellbeing.

Public Education and Outreach:  CAA will lead public education and outreach campaigns on behalf of service providers advancing families’ and children’s wellbeing.

Data Driver:  CAA will be a data-driven policy advocacy group that will highlight issues and advance evidence based policies and practices in Nevada.

Policy Advocate:  CAA will serve as an independent voice to advocate on behalf of Nevada’s children and families, as well as those providing services on their behalf, regarding policy changes, resources, and crucial community supports necessary to ensure safe, stable, and healthy families.