2017 Legislative Briefing Book

The 2017 Legislative Briefing Book provides a snapshot of the most pressing issues Nevada’s children and their families face in order to assist in creating positive changes that improve their lives. The Legislative Briefing Book is a compilation of statistics and policy recommendations from practitioners, agencies, organizations, individuals, and advocates from across the state, intended to highlight areas in which state policy might have an impact, particularly around the areas of education, health, and safety. The report includes specific recommendations for policy change at the state level and is aligned with the indicators and grades in the 2016 Nevada Children’s Report Card.

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CORRECTION: Please note that the correct grade for High School Completion under the Education section should be a D+, with Nevada ranking 15th (with 21 other states) for high school dropouts in 2014 at 4%.  This change does not affect the overall Education Grade of F or the overall Report Grade of D.  We apologize for the error and have corrected the section in the electronic version of the Report Card.